- sustainability by heart -

LauraMa was founded in 2017 by Laura and Vincent and offers organic and sustainable products for yoga and meditation. We train future Yin Yoga teachers and Reiki practitioners and also provide sound and yoga retreats in Bali and India.


Our organic yoga clothes collection was created from our own design and produced in European as well as Indian production. In your yoga practice as well as in the all-day-life, the super comfortable organic cotton styles are comfortable to wear on the skin.


Our pure stone malas are handcrafted by LauraMa. It preserves the traditional, ancient Buddhist technique while reciting mantras while knotting. The stones come from a production from India / Jaipur, all the stones have the best quality and we have selected them for their therapeutic properties.


The vegan organic essences of "The Goddessline" without additives in wonderful fragrance blends.


Our handcrafted meditation cushion in crocheted design filled with organic spelled for your yoga and meditation practice.


All products are Laura Ma's own designs and are based on a sustainable approach based on the core values ​​of emotion, conscious consumption and environmental awareness. Every piece has a story, and accordingly its own, individual value.  The return to nature and originality are important factors in the process of product development. Great emphasis is placed on transparency in production, distribution channel and marketing, whereby all substances, contents and products are organic or organic certified in order to make the product, the origin and the intention transparent and accessible to you.


We, Laura and Vincent, combine our long-standing passions and our knowledge in LauraMa. Laura is a certified 625h yoga teacher specializing in Yin Yoga and fashion designer. Vincent is a Certified Sound Therapist, Certified Reiki Master Teacher and Musician. More information about us you can find here...


Together we have developed the yoga style Yin Emotional Sound Yoga, a combination of Yin Yoga and sound therapy that we share at festivals, in workshops and training throughout Germany and internationally. The calm sounds during the yoga lesson reach into your heart and touch your emotions and your soul.


With LauraMa we want to share a sustainable lifestyle with the people which connect yoga, therapy, music and sustainable products and open the hearts to get to know yourself in the depths of your soul.



…. follow your heart …. and us


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