The calm and meditative practice of Yin Yoga allows us to practice in awareness and to build up a deep understanding and trust in our body by reconnecting to our feelings and experiencing our own body and our own emotions.


Yin Yoga offers a wonderful opportunity to integrate peace and relaxation into our daily life routine. In contrast to the powerful yang yoga, yin yoga is passive and does not work with muscular strength. We immerse by relaxation and letting go, to go deep into the postures that are held for up to 5 minutes.


The body will be stretched softly. Physical tension, blockages und contractions can be released and healed. Throughout the long holds of the postures our fascia, the deeper connective tissue, is touched and stretched, as well as the inner organs gets massaged.


On the energetic, subtle level yin yoga is stimulating the paths of energy flow in our bodies. It is based on the knowledge of Chinese Traditional Medicine and it’s meridian system, which harmonises the chi, the energy of life. Certain meridians, and their related emotion and issues, are the focus of a class by Laura Ma. Furthermore, the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water), seasons and daytimes are topics of the classes that help you bring the body in harmony to nature.


For yin yoga no previous knowledge is necessary. The classes are available for all levels and meet the individual needs of each participant.


I invite you to discover this wonderful practice and immerse yourself deeper into your own body and your own person. With continued practice you can observe yourself in a mindful way and get closer to your own destiny and your inner self.




Yin Yoga

- the silent way -