Sound Session

- dive in the ocean of sound -

Sound Therapy Session            50 €

Sound combined with Reiki      45 €


individual Sound massage       50 €


Since the dawn of time our ancestors and also many aboriginal tribe used the sound to heal themselves in addition to plants and other methods.

Sound therapy is a simple and scientifically proven method that sounds affect any form of matter. Since we are made of matter it is easily understandable that we can improve our well being with sound.

In addition, today's medicine uses sounds or ultrasounds for curative purposes.


I use sounds created by traditional instruments such as gong, singing bowl, tunning fork, voices etc ... in different forms and according to your individuel needs.

I take the time to target blockages, physical, mental or emotional and according to them I choose the most adapted sounds to effect in depth.


You can also come to just relax and enjoy an individual soundbath where for almost 45min you can be totally bathed in sound and you let go completely in this wonderful and unique experience.